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As cybersecurity becomes more of a concern across industries, many vendor contracts now contain specific cybersecurity provisions. This has become necessary as businesses strive to manage their cyber risk, especially knowing that hackers often compromise a company through their third-party relationships.

Properly drafting and negotiating cybersecurity contract provisions is a critical function as you work to protect your interests and manage your risk. At AIB Partners we have the background and experience in cybersecurity and law to find the balance that will work best for your business.


In some instances a particular regulatory framework will require cybersecurity language be inserted into vendor contracts. Knowing which vendors must agree to these requirements, and what language will satisfy the regulations is necessary to limit your potential exposure. Answering those types of questions is just one of the ways we can help you navigate these issues.


Cybersecurity self-assessments are another area of concern when negotiating with potential partners and vendors. We can assist you with drafting a questionnaire for potential vendors, as well as work with you to most accurately and effectively fill out a self-assessment request from a third-party. If you have any questions please contact us using the form below!

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